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3 more min. Houses for the door sill

#11- Pennsylvania German Noah's Ark

The Ark was fashioned after the existing Pa. German Noah's Ark.from the 1700's.

#50 - Animals - There are 10 sets of domestic functional animals.

Please check out the pricing section for a full detail on whats available and cost.

Full set - $430.00

#28 Pioneer 1 1/2 story Log Home

This home is also a early type Pa. German constructed home around 1700's

You will see this home in all of our small towns.

were you see a large wall above the Door and No window, that a log home.

Price $ 138.00

I'm showing a Group Setting

With the #11 Millbach House, the #16 Smoke house/Bakery at DBH and #28 1 1/2 story Log home.Also a fence, farmer and wife plus some animals

( the Train Track LGB or Garden)  not included

#20 Barn / Nativity Barn

This can by used with my nativity set as well.

If this Barn is used for your nativity I would need to know how big is your Joseph. The Barn can be customized to fit your needs.

**animals not included check on the Pricing page

1/2'scale  $268.00

My, #4, one window Pioneer

is the bases of all Log home construction. This can be the Kitchen of one home or the Summer house of another.

price $108.00

plus S & H

#35 - Daniel Boone Homestead.

  This historic Home is completed on all 4 sides.  It has a wrap around porch roof

price $720.00

 plus S & H

1860 Wood Co.

The Simple to the Extreme


of Home Steaders of the 1700's

All of the construction is in 1/2" scale

made entirely of re-claimed wood.

1860 wood co.

1860 Wood Co.

Note;  With all of my creations, there is more information about each building.

So for more information please contact me at,   -email

or call at - 484-248-6275 leave a message

Thank you.

Buildings from the

Daniel Boone Homestead


I have two outhouses showing, one with a fence, one as a two seats and the other with 3 seats.I use my freedom in creating the outhouses.

The cost of my

Out Houses

can go from $40.00 on up.

***Fun Facts***

When using a Outhouse, do you know when your child is potty trained?

They don't fall through the hole.

All three log houses were the bases of earlier built 1700's constructed log homes.

#6 Settlers' Cabin 

This cabin has

a carved stone chimney

on the side of the house.

price $164.00

#5  - 2 window Pioneer

price $124.00

18" Blazing Star Square

$ 126.00

#26 The Hill Hay Barn, Oley, PA. 1700's

This building is just 1 of three that we found in Berks Co. The bank stone part was the 1st dwelling for this family and their animals. The hay part was added the 2nd season  The family also built a separate house for their growing family and live stock.

price $176.00

plus S & H